Travelers isolation to-do list

Hey, there traveler,


How’s isolation going? Since you’re temporarily grounded, we want you to use this time out to get ready for your next adventure. Here are some activities to help you get ready for your next adventure.






1. Update your editing skills
This will certainly be a great time to improve your magical fingers. Grab your phone or laptop, select random pictures from previous trips and edit. There are tons of tutorials on youtube and loads of simple apps that can turn you into an editing guru



















2. Recreate your favorite meals
You’ve probably had a couple of tons of adventure, tasted different dishes from various cultures, wouldn’t it be nice to recreate some of them? Youtube is your best bud right now!





















3. Learn how to pack effectively
Fun fact, a lot of people do not know how to effectively pack a bag. Everything might be neatly folded and stuffed but why carry so much when you can reduce it to the barest minimum. Again, youtube is your friend, there are hundreds of tips and hacks you can learn during this time.




















4. Work out
It’s easier said than done but it must be done. An idle mind usually leads to a hungry belly but why not use this time to get that summer body you’ve been craving for. There are a lot of fun workout routines online, you can do it alone or with your partner or even as a family, either way, make sure you’re sweating the fat off at least 3-4 times a week.



















5. Research extensively into your next travel destination
Use this time to do some research into your next adventure and also review your travel documents.














The healthcare workers are fighting this invisible enemy for you, stay home for them.


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