How to get a Nigerian Passport

Nigerian passport

The Nigerian passport is a priority among the many documents confirming that a person is a Nigerian. Sadly, few Nigerians own a Nigerian passport, nor do they know the processes to acquire one. This article will teach you about a Nigerian passport and the steps to acquire one.

What is a Nigerian Passport?

A Nigerian passport is a legal document that is issued to citizens of Nigeria to travel to other countries. This document clearly shows that you are a citizen of Nigeria, and there are five types of this passport which are;

  • Official passport: It is available to top government officials such as governors, ministers, senators, etc. It is coloured blue.
  • Diplomatic passport: This passport type is available to individuals representing Nigeria in other countries. They include ambassadors, public officers, consulates, Etc. It is different with a red cover.
  • Seaman passport: These passports are mainly available to sailors or individuals working on shipping vessels.
  • Pilgrim passport: Those who tour on a pilgrimage to holy places such as Mecca, Israel, or Jerusalem are issued this passport. It often has a six(6) months validity.

Required documents needed to get a passport in Nigeria

For adults over 18 years, you will need the following documents;

  • A completed application form
  • Two(2) recent passport photographs
  • Receipt of payment
  • Local government identification certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • A completed guarantors form
  • NIN
  • A guarantor’s passport
  • A marriage certificate, If applicable

For children and individuals below 18 years, you will need to go with the following;

  • A completed passport form
  • Two(2) recent passport photographs
  • Letter of consent from parents or Guarantor
  • Father’s passport data page copy
  • Receipt of payment
  • NIN
  • Birth certificate

How to Apply for a Nigerian Passport Online

  • Log on to the Nigerian immigration portal Website.
  • Click on the required application to begin your application- the E-passport application.
  • Select the passport type you want to apply for, “standard passport or official passport,” and click on “start application form” to continue.
  • Ensure you checkmate the policy checkbox stating, “I ACCEPT FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE INFORMATION PROVIDED IN THE FORM.”
  • Click on the “submit application form” button to preview your application details.
  • Click on the next button- “Proceed to online payment.”
  • Select payment and click on the continue button.
  • Select payment method(Bank transfer, credit or debit card).
  • Print the “payment acknowledgement slip” containing your transaction ID and ref number.
  • Print out your Guarantor’s form.
  • After all the required documents are filled out, completing all the necessary documents, submit them in person at the respective passport office.

Nigerian Passport Vs. Visa

Many people assume a passport and Visa to be the same document. There are two different documents. However, a Nigerian passport is a legal document that is issued to citizens of Nigeria to travel to other countries. This document clearly shows that you are a citizen of Nigeria. Passports typically contain a photograph, full name, date of birth, gender, and physical attributes of the holder. On the other hand, a visa is a form of authorisation stamped or affixed inside a passport, allowing the holder to enter, exit or stay in a particular country for a specified time. Some similarities between passports and visas include the following;

  • Passports are a form of identification for citizens of a country, while permits are affixed inside a passport.
  • Passports are issued to holders by the birth country, while an Embassy representing another country issues visas.
  • Passports allow you to travel to any country, while visas are required to enter a particular country.

What is the Data Page of a Nigerian Passport?

The most crucial passport section is the data page, confirming the holder’s identity. This page contains information that can be verified by border security officials, who can compare the traveller’s image with their face to authenticate their identity. A passport document’s second and third pages typically feature the passport data page, which contains vital information about the traveller and their passport. The information includes:

  • The traveller’s full name
  • Nationality, date and
  • Place of birth.

It also provides essential details about the passport itself, such as:

  • The passport number
  • Date of issue and expiry, and
  • The place of matter or the issuing authority.

The traveller’s photograph is prominently displayed on the left side of this page, showing a clear image of their face with a white background. Occasionally, the holder’s signature may also be present on this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

My Nigerian passport has expired. How do I renew it?

  • To apply for a Nigerian passport renewal, you need to do the following:
  • Visit the Nigerian Immigration Services portal.
  • Select the appropriate passport type.
  • Next, choose the processing country and complete the application form.
  • Select your preferred payment method and make payment, then click “Submit”.
  • Once you submit your application, you will receive an Application ID and Reference number.
  • Print out the Guarantor’s form and have it certified before submitting the completed application form and other necessary documents at your chosen passport office.
  • If your current passport is over six months old, ensure you capture biometric data and your photograph taken. After completing this process, the renewal application typically takes around 72 hours to process.

How much is a Nigerian Passport?

A standard passport of 32 pages with five(5) years of validity is #25,000. That of 64 pages with five(5) years of fact is #35,000.

Where Can I Go with a Nigerian Passport?

With a Nigerian passport, you can travel to 26 countries that do not require you to have a visa. These countries include:

Burkina Faso
Cabo Verde
Cook Islands
Ivory Coast
Sierra Leone
Saint Kitts and Nevis

How long does it take to get an international passport in Nigeria?

After booking an appointment for biometric enrolment, you proceed for enrolment on your scheduled date and wait for the passport pickup notification. However, sometimes it can take up to a month. To avoid delays, it’s best to apply for your passport beforehand.

Who should have an international passport?

If you desire to travel outside Nigeria, you must have an international passport to get a visa. You can get a 64-page Passport if you travel for work or like to travel a lot. While a 32-page Passport if you travel rarely or travel for work.

Can I use more than one passport?

It is against the law to use more than one Nigerian passport. The Immigration Act of 2015, Section 10, prohibits passport holders from doing so.

Can I get a Nigerian passport for my child?

Yes, you can get a Nigerian passport for your child. Nigerian citizens, irrespective of age, are eligible to obtain e-Passports. It’s not permissible to include children who are Nigerian citizens in their parent’s passports.

What are the requirements for a baby passport?

Parents must apply for an individual passport for each child, including newborns can be accessed on the website of the Nigeria Immigration Service or via www.immigration.gov.ng.The requirements for a baby passport include the following:

  • National Identification Number(NIN)
  • Online Application form
  • Payment receipt
  • Letter of consent from both parents.
  • Parent’s passport(data page)
  • Birth certificate
  • Prepaid, Self-Addressed USPS overnight express mail Envelope with Tracking number.
  • Credit or Debit card for a $30 administrative fee

How much is a Nigerian Passport for Children?

A Nigerian passport for children costs NGN8,750 for a 32-page booklet and NGN20,000 for a 64-page booklet.

How long does it take to renew a Nigerian Passport?

At the Nigerian Immigration Service offices across the country, new applicants and those seeking to renew their passports are currently experiencing a processing time of three to six months for their passport applications.

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