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We are a leading tour, hospitality and travel agency in Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa. Over the past 8 years, we have consistently provided travel solutions that serve the needs of our clients in Nigeria and the diaspora. Our travel agency solutions include inbound and outbound travel and tour arrangements.

We have maintained an excellent track record since inception that has allowed us to build and maintain lasting relationships with our clientele most innovatively. At Travelotus, we reduce the rigorous processes involved in having your dream vacation in any country of the world.

Having the best-planned trip involves sending your preferred destination and budget to us. And let us take it up from there. To get started, call or chat with us at 08031872636.

Our services

Group Travel Packages

Either you're looking to find new friends or form lasting memories with the ones you already have. Our group packages will do wonders for you. They are affordable and filled with a truckload of fun but remember to come bursting with energy as you'll need it.


Personal Travel Agent

Your No.1 reliable travel assistant who will carefully create your itineraries that fits your timeframe and ensure you have a memorable trip. Should anything try to hinder your trip? You have nothing to worry about because we act as your travel consultant.


Corporate Packages

Our corporate package allows corporate clients who want to go on business trips, employee retreats, and team bonding activities to save costs and enjoy new experiences while working. Our wealth of experience and knowledge empowers us to provide you with all you need for a hassle-free business trip.


Flight Booking

You can leverage our expertise and connections to get the best rates on flights around the globe. Our travelers are guaranteed peace of mind and the assurance that they will make the most of their travel experience within and outside Nigeria


Hotel Reservation

We help you find the best value for your vacation by ensuring you get the best hotel rates at your convenience and comfort. With Travelotus, you can get the most out of your vacation budget without compromising your security.











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Our Team

Nofisat Tolulope Dopemu

Founder / CEO

Rendering reliable, fast, affordable and efficient travel services for our clients is what we deliver. We understand how to take the ordinary and make it into the perfect holiday anytime.

Brown Tamunowari

Travel planning Executive.

I am committed to supporting our clients from start to finish through their travel plans. When our clients leave with happy smiles, it reminds me always of the value of our services at Travelotus luxury tours limited.

Chioma Ozulu

Social Media Executive.

I am dedicated to ensuring that we remain at the forefront of digital marketing. I strive to create engaging content and impactful campaigns that resonate with our audience and drive results. I am passionate about my work and committed to delivering the best possible outcomes for Travelotus luxury tours limited.


Elevate your life and learn on the go.

Embark on a meaningful new journey and advance your career in the travel industry with Travelotus. Whether you are a travel agent, consultant or a newbie to the world of travel. We can help you learn the ropes to elevate yourself to your highest potential, while empowering others to achieve their lifestyle dreams.


See what our customers have to say about us

Thank you, Travelotus. For making my vacation in Kigali stress-free and exciting. Kigali is a place I recommend anytime for anyone planning a vacation within Africa. You get to experience nature at its peak. Beautiful scenery and wonderful people. The trip was worth every penny spent
Eni Ekeoba
So I have wanted to visit Dubai for years (yes, some of us have never been to Duba, and we do not like group trips. lol). This “solo adventure” was most definitely worth the wait. The playground and people, the food, the surroundings, the transport system, and many more. To the wonderful team of Travelotus Luxury Tours Limited, the standard of service and attention to detail was phenomenal!! I certainly cannot wait for the next “solo adventure.” with you guys.
Senami Amusu
Thank you for giving us a nice vacation. We had a wonderful time.
Yewande Kufomniyi
It is just like living a new life entirely. It's becoming a struggle, even if not outrightly impossible to get the beautiful place out of my head. I can assure you that we are revisiting the place. The experience was so wonderful, and their staff was also wonderful and accommodating. And those lovely guys behind the camera were superb!

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You can book a tour package in 4 different ways.

1. Through our website, www.travelotus.com/holidays choose from our current offers and make a booking.

2. By sending an email to info@travelotus.com with the tour package you would like to book.

3. Send us a DM on any social media handles.

4. By sending us a message on WhatsApp at +2348031872636.

The documents needed to travel outside Nigeria depend on the country you are traveling to. For instance, you may be obliged to travel with documents like your date of birth certificate, passport, photographs, invitation documents, Etc. However, the most crucial documents needed to travel outside Nigeria are a passport and a yellow fever card.

An international passport is a document that authenticates store proof of allowance, entry, and exit into another country. On the flip side, a Yellow card is a card that indicates that you have been given a vaccination against yellow fever; a mosquito-borne disease that is present in Africa and South America. It is also crucial that your passport must be valid six(6) months before your travel date and your yellow card valid ten(10) years from the day of vaccination. –

Anyone desirous of a seamless travel solution within and outside Nigeria without paying through their nose. People who want to travel but do not want the stress of planning. We offer them the services of a skilled, experienced, and reliable travel agency.

The countries we travel to include Nairobi, South Africa, Johannesburg, Dubai, Zanzibar, and lots more.

Yes, we do offer an installment payment plan. Depending on the kind of tour package you are purchasing and the date you intend to travel. We offer a 50:50, 70:30, and 40:30:30 installment pay plan. Feel free to send us a message any time.

Solo means that you are travelling alone and will have a room to yourself.

Double means that you are travelling as a couple, with a partner, friend or one of our tribe members and would be sharing a room.

Child rate applies to children between the age of 2 – 12 before the proposed date of return.

This means that there might be changes in price depending on the availability of various elements in the package.

The U.A.E visa is applied for by us 5 – 7 days before your trip in order to allow your travel period fall within its 14 days validity. It takes 2 – 3 working days to be approved.

NO. Staying beyond 14 days with the U.A.E visa in our package is breach of the law. You will be penalized and you risk us loosing our license. If you would like to stay beyond 14 days, kindly send us an email and we will send you longer term visa options.

It takes between 15 – 30 working days from date of submission.

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