Our tours stand out because we showcase culture, history, fun and more importantly wellness. Trust us to dish out only the best.  our pictures below show an amazing two nights of what a group tour should be on. And our Bonfire night…. too lit!

 Take off from Lagos

We traveled via the Sango – Idiroko Ogun state route through to the border, past Port-Novo (capital of Benin Republic). Our arrival in Cotonou in the evening was caused immensely by a long delay at the border. Safe to say no love there at all. (story for another day)

Off we go!

Our goodies courtesy of our sponsors

Fuelling up on the road side. Not your typical filling station.


Arrival at the Hotel

Just one of our rooms during our stay


But dinner from chef Hurlarhs kitchen made it all worth the wait.

Only the best

Or touring began the following day. We were scheduled to visit three stops in Ouidah Village and Ganvie village.

Our first call in ouidah was the Python Temple.

The Temple houses python pits, an Iroko tree ( believed to be over 600 years old and harbouring spirits of previous priests and voodoo ancestors), Ogun ( god of Iron) and some sacred huts. It is a sacred place for the worshippers of voodoo religion. These people can be identified by special markings on their face.

Arrival at the Python temple

The snake pit

The Iroko tree is believed to grant wishes of its worshippers and a request can be made by placing the left palm on its side. Offerings include tokens of money (for wishes to be granted), palm oil and corn. Every 10th of January a goat is offered to it as a huge sacrifice.
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The Iroko tree with ancestral spirits

 At the snake pits and we all had a frenzy taking turns hanging the Pythons around our necks.

The excitement is infectious

Selfie with the snakes.

cheesy Ogun with offerings all over it.. lol


Next up was the museum of King Kpasse

Happy bunch

Our guide started by telling us Voodoo is a traditional and ancestral religion that believes in incarnation and reincarnation. Voodoo is founded on the Four elements of life; Earth, Fire, Water and Air.

The king of Kpasse was said to be the founder of the country and he did not die. Rather he was reincarnated into a tree. He went on to say people have a wrong perception about voodoo. The most popular being its association with pinned dolls and witchcraft.

King of Kpasse reincarnation






‘The Thinking man’

In awe of Legba



Selfie with Legba a gatekeeper god and yourba’s call it ‘Isuelegbara’ it helps to cast away evil from the home

Our last stop in ouidah was the point of no return.

This gateway symbolizes the slave trade era believed to be a shipyard through which slaves were led never to return home.

walkway leading to the point of no return

The markings on the wall tell the tale of slaves lined up till they arrived at waiting ships

 Visiting Ganvie village.

Permit me to say everyone that came on our tour had little daredevils in them getting on the boats. A little rocky in the beginning but as we went along the thrill of adventure kicked in. Ganvie is believed to be the largest stilt village in Africa. Ganvie village happened as a result of people fleeing Cotonou in order to escape capture during the civil war.

All set on the boat to Ganvie*

 *everyone was well aware that there were no life jackets before embarking on the trip.

The boat ride lasted about 20mins after which we arrived at the village. There are Hotel, hospital, school, Cathedral in addition to homes. All of which are mostly built on stilt and a few built on sand.

Their major means of livelihood is fish farming and trading which is done on the boats.
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The Hotel

A mosque


There were some  half Sunk houses

Trading on boats

Bon fire night

The game night started out with Youki and the Bon fire by the beach. We danced, played Charades and lots more. Truly a fun way to end the night.

Benin Republic

Our Bon fire night

Benin Republic

right next to the beach

Benin RepublicBenin Republic

The following day after breakfast and a trip to the Tokpa market, We were set to return back to Lagos.

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