10 tips when travelling with kids

The best trips you can plan is with your family. Family trips are a great way to bond and relax outside of your home without feeling pressured to do chores and get overly tired. Depending on the ages of your kids and their number, a properly planned itinerary would be ideal.

If you are taking a flight to your destination, a major plus for travelling with kids would be luggage allowance. Your children will have almost the same allowance as you depending on their ages.

But first things first, here is our list of 10 things you need to know when travelling with your kids.

  1. Have Travel insurance; a comprehensive Travel Insurance helps avoid ruining your holiday with your kids. A little accident here, a lost bag over there and some damages could have you cutting your holiday short and you absolutely do not want that.
  2. Save yourself the trouble of looking for things and pack your bags separately from your kids. Let them each have their own bags and supplies carefully arranged in.
  3. Double check that they have essentials, (toiletries, underwear, drugs). Check out our post on what to pack here
  4. Check in everything! leave only necessities in your hand luggage to avoid struggling with holding their hands or catching up while at the airport and in between lay overs.  
  5. If you are travelling with more than one child, pick a couple of similar clothing’s for them to wear on days you visit public areas. Should they stray away, It will be easy to spot them
  6. In addition to knowing your details as their parents, ensure they know trip details like the city you are visiting, hotel you’re staying in and various sites you’ll be seeing. It will help them tell very good narratives when they return home.
  7. Kids will be kids and especially on the airplane they could switch between crankiness, hunger, being bored or confined. So pack along their favorite toys, books, snacks… and avoid being the ‘seat partner with noisy kids who did not let everyone sleep’ on the plane.

  8. Ensure to include kid friendly places like the parks, museums, gardens and food tastings. It will help them settle in nicely.
  9. Schedule a massage; anytime before, on your trip and when you get back so you can enjoy your trip without feeling drained.
  10. Be ready to answer loads of questions! As you know, they will be intrigued by the new experience.
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With spring break and the Easter holidays staring us in the face, we hope that these will equip you on how to have an awesome holiday with your family.

If you have questions or inquiries about this article or need help planning your next adventure. Do not hesitate to leave a comment or contact us as we’d love to hear from you.