People ask everytime how is that possible? Money I spend on Ticket cost, Hotel, Feeding, Travel Insurance and the things that go into my most wanted adventure could leave me not so wealthy.

For this reason a few people do not entertain the idea of going on a trip. They think it wasteful and only for super rich.

Well let me assure you, you aren’t coming back broke not in the least (only if we handle your trip that is).¬† The use of traveling is to regulate imagination with reality and instead of thinking how things maybe see them as they are. Nothing in the world beats seeing and experiencing a particular event, place or era. Your view would definitely not be the same.


The thrill of adventure, the people, the language, the food, the weather and climate and the awe of nature and God’s magnificent way of designing the planet are all the things that make you richer when you get back from a trip. The ripple effects of the memories you create in a place, The awareness of how so much is happening at a single time and how little or big of an impact you’re making. You’re wiser even from learning from strangers and finding joy in the little pleasures of hearing hello so far away yet understanding what it means.

At Our Daycation last December¬† to whispering palms Badagry, I don’t recall any of our participants ever venturing far enough on their own to Badagry in all their time living in Lagos, Nigeria.

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Did you know that Badagry was founded in the early 15th century and is the location of the first primary school in Nigeria? The first storey building in Nigeria and was also a key port to the export of slaves? Whilst we were there, everyone took a journey through time, history, culture, our uniqueness as people and our diversity as a nation.

Participants of the Travelotus daycation to whispering palms Badagry

All these could only have been learned because we organized the trip. Another thing was, everyone parted with a new buddy and the memory of what an amazing time we helped them have.


You do not have to travel in luxury and comfort all the time. Sometimes experience first hand what you’re reading and watching on the news. Be a thrill seeker, an adventurer and an explorer. After all, life is not meant to be lived in one place and YOLO! You’ll come back home more wanderlust, seeking to break boundaries and with so much wisdom no amount of money in your account could pay for.