If you could afford to go anywhere in the world where would you travel to and why? For us, anything close to beautiful white sand beaches, the sound of the ocean, seafood and cool breeze anywhere on the planet is at the absolute top of our list.

For others, however, interests vary from hiking and mountaineering to hunting and wildlife, sightseeing, Sailing, Humanitarian travel and a host of others. Let’s just say, as much as we love the beach and its calming effect, some people find solace in other things. Or much rather prefer their Honeymoon to be an extension of their adventurous lives.

Generally speaking, your honeymoon should pass as romantic, memorable and fun for you and your partner. You definitely are not one of those who think honeymoons are a myth are you?

Irrespective of your interests, however, we would like for you to take advantage of the following tips:

  1. Relieve the stress of the wedding plans and ceremony by definitely doing a spa pamper to cool off for at least an hour.  Do this at the beginning of your honeymoon to leave you feeling great all through.           
  2. Whether hiking, strolling on the beach, going on a safari or sightseeing, long walks are great for talking and connecting even more. Be reminded of why you decided to marry your partner and most likely fall in love over again.
  3. Have you noticed how much we love food? So bask in tasty food flavors! Let go of your strict diet and enjoy the new and juicy cuisines. that will linger on.
  4. Check out our newest tour package to Mauritius this summer. Mauritius is visa on arrival for 14 days to Nigerians so take advantage of this offer here
  5. Leave your comments below with a great tip you think would make your dream Honeymoon and you could win a Travel gift bag courtesy us!

Mauritius honeymoon package

The winner will be chosen at random and would be announced on the 1st of June 2017. To qualify,  make sure you’re following all our social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Good luck!

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