Europe is most notable in the world for its ski resorts. From Austria to Switzerland, Italy to France, Bulgaria and even Scotland. Skiing is one loved sports and recreational activity that’s enjoyed irrespective of the cold weather. A couple of variables to consider while choosing your Ski destination would be the terrain, snow level and your skillfulness  too.

If you are an adventure lover or a lover of the outdoors its definitely something to look forward to during winter. The cost of these ski resorts vary widely from the kind of accommodation (Chalets, Single Rooms, Standard or Luxury apartments) you will be choosing.

Many of these Ski resorts feature Gondola rides you can enjoy even if you do not want to ski. Skiing can be enjoyed with family too as a lot of ski resorts have classes for beginners to learn and train. As a competitive sport skiing has also grown immensely and is even featured during the winter Olympics.

Moving from Europe, a number of popular Ski destinations are in Aspen – Colorado, Jackson Hole – Wyoming  USA and Canada. So pack your bags and give us a call because helping you plan is what we do best!