Traveling with your kids? 10 tips you need to know.

The best trips you can plan is with your family. Family trips are a great way to bond and relax outside of your home without feeling pressured to do chores and get overly tired. Depending on the ages of your kids and their number, a properly planned itinerary would be ideal. If you are taking […]

5 reasons why seats on the same class vary in price

We all know that there are three main classes of service on an airplane; Economy Class, Business Class and First Class. Did you know there’s more than 5 different types of economy class with price variations based on its fare code? A fare code is used to identify a fare type and the rules that […]

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Tips to make the most of your Honeymoon

If you could afford to go anywhere in the world where would you travel to and why? For us, anything close to beautiful white sand beaches, the sound of the ocean, seafood and cool breeze anywhere on the planet is at the absolute top of our list. ForĀ others, however, interests vary from hiking and mountaineering […]

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Travel will make you richer

People ask everytime how is that possible? Money I spend on Ticket cost, Hotel, Feeding, Travel Insurance and the things that go into my most wanted adventure could leave me not so wealthy. For this reason a few people do not entertain the idea of going on a trip. They think it wasteful and only […]