I went on an amazing low budget holiday to Accra in December 2015, I visited Labadi beach, the Accra Mall, ate Banku, visited the local market and had the time of my life. I felt super charged about the goals I had set for the new year and did not miss home one bit!

On the last night of our stay, I went to get my family some lovely Ankara, beads and ate dinner at a Chinese restaurant. Literally I spent all my Cedis leaving me with some money back to the hotel and from the hotel to the airport the next day. I was super happy.

The next morning I was set and arrived at the airport 25 minutes before take off, counter closed and heard the attendant say I was too late and had missed my flight.

Choi! my head was spinning. I was flat out BROKE

Anything can happen to anyone while on a trip. But when you have a Travel company like ours taking care of your travel needs, you just need to calm down and let’s set it right. Here are 5 awesome ways we do better;

  1. When you are in a Fix with any of your traveling details, we bail you out! One of your essentials is your Agents number not only stored on your phone but kept in a place for emergencies as it could be your lifeline home or to your even to your destination.
  2. We suggest to you various attractions and things to do while on a trip. If it’s business, a little playtime wouldn’t hurt. For leisure great! you’ll get all the load down on the trendiest attractions and how to maximize your time.
  3. Our agent filters through tons of  choices on hotels and flights leaving each customer with a personalized travel experience
  4. Did any one hear DEALS!!!!! we have so many of them. On tours, Flight tickets, Hotel reservations and accommodation options. Leaving you with an endless option of affordable travel options both within and outside Nigeria.
  5. When you combine all these, you’ll see that your travel agent is actually a super hero. Maybe not all, but that’s who we are at Travelotus Luxury tours limited.
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