U.S Tourist Visa Application and Guidelines

It is no surprise that you desire a U.S VISA. The United States prides itself in being one of the largest and most diverse countries in the world. Little wonder you are considering visiting as a tourist. There are many amazing places to visit.   Whatever your interest is, when applying for a non-immigrant U.S VISA, […]


Travel Movies to Help You Enjoy the Lockdown

Hey traveller,   Remember those days before the pandemic when you had so much work and little time? Those days when you begged for some days off work to simply travel and catch a breath in another country.   It is a little disheartening to see that you now have all that free time and […]


Iceland Schengen Visa Application and guidelines

Iceland is one of the most amazing and safest destinations. And going through the Iceland Visa application process is not as difficult as it might seem. Whether you are travelling for child delivery (Iceland comes top in the UNICEF ranking list of safest birth destinations), romance, adventure, work, study, medicals or tourism; Iceland is safe […]


Safety tips for traveling with your partner

As you prepare for that amazing post-lockdown travel experience. vacation, Baecation, staycation, or honeymoon. Take note of these safety tips for traveling with your partner.   Traveling with your partner has to be one of the best ways to travel. Hilarious new experiences, bonding over new activities, creating awesome new memories, sharing emotions, and connecting […]


Post-Lockdown Travel Update

After a long lockdown, everyone is ready to explore. Baecations, tourism, honeymoon, adventures, etc. But one thing is certain, travelling and vacations will not be the same for some time. post-lockdown travel Several countries have initiated some safety measures and procedures while some other countries will require extra documents like fitness certificates and immunity documents. […]


Travelers Must Have Editing Apps

We hope you’re staying safe and washing those hands. We’re monitoring the news and hoping things turn out for the better, we know you’re missing those trips. Why not take a break from the news and negativity and get ready to slay the gram on your next adventure?   You could take this time to […]