Do not miss your flight. I repeat DO NOT MISS YOUR FLIGHT. That’s your number one way of going over budget on an awesome holiday.

After I missed my flight in Accra (read about my Accra trip here), I felt numb! I was asked to pay two additional fees; No show and Date change fee. It was not funny. The charges were more than the amount I had paid to plan the entire trip! I had no internet access, no money and no credit card. The idea of traveling 19 hours by road seemed highly possible.

Luckily, my sister called just in time and sent me some money. I rushed from one ATM to the other to find the one that worked with my card. If I took too long, I might even have to pay more should the seats be unavailable.

I was crying inside when I paid the charge. Walked out of the airport vicinity to use the bus back to the hotel. An extra charge for the night and feeding. Can you just imagine! Extra call units nko? I tried using Nigerian banks that were there but I was told I could not cash out money except with my card. Whatever happened to seamless banking across Africa?

At the hotel, the manager was nice enough to give me a discount off the price for a night seeing how distraught I was. I did not sleep a wink that night. I waited on my flight the next morning like a groom at the alter. One of the longest nights of my life I tell you!

Next morning, I was the first person on the queue to check in. Thank God I had a debit card and relatives who thought I should not turn to ‘Ghana must go’. The option to travel by road may not also be available if you traveled much farther. Trust me when I say you might not get so lucky.

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Asides missing your flight, exhausting your trip budget can happen when you

  1. Over shop; keep your buying habits in check.

  2. Leading to extra unwanted baggage and payment (read about extra baggage here)

  3. Try not to get too carried away visiting too many paid entry places

  4. Trying new flavors and savoring fine dinning is a great way to keep memories from your trip. Try not to over do it. You could end up spending a lot of money.

  5. Being too flashy with jewels and money could get you robbed. Some people target tourists 

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