We all know that there are three main classes of service on an airplane; Economy Class, Business Class and First Class. Did you know there’s more than 5 different types of economy class with price variations based on its fare code? A fare code is used to identify a fare type and the rules that govern it.

Take for instance, You’re on a flight from Lagos to Abuja and there’s fine Wale guy seated next to you on the plane. (This never happens, I only sit next to ladies or old men but you could be lucky). You both purchased your tickets on the same day but got yours for N25,000 while he paid N30,000. Although, Domestic airline tickets may not always fit into these categories, it is mostly applicable to International travel.

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  1. Airlines use a configuration method in which a limited amount of a group of seats can only the sold at the same price. For example in Economy class there can be  N20,000 seats of 5 units, N25,000 seats of 7 units and N30, 000 seats of 10 units.

    What this means is that though the seats are in the same class, you cannot purchase more than 5 seats at N20,000. Once its all been paid for, it remains unavailable and the next fare on economy ie N25,000 seat is available. Below are 5 reasons why seat classes vary in price

  2. Advance Purchase affects the rate at which tickets in the class are sold. Some tickets require that you book and pay for them immediately or within a short time frame. If you would rather book on hold for a longer period, the applicable price might be higher than the former.
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  3. Another reason why the price of these seats could differ are rules of purchase. If you decide to change your dates of travel, Wale’s charge will most likely be lower than yours.

    When buying the cheapest seat on an airline, it is advisable that you are almost certain that you will have no need at all for any changes so you can avoid exhausting your trip budget.

  4.  Same class ticket may also vary in price based on usage. Yours might be one way trip while Mr wales’ could be a return ticket.

  5. Another scenario is if you both are returning on different time frames. Your return could be in two months while for him it could be six months and this would cause a difference in the price.

    What ever the case maybe, We advise that you read your ticket coupon rules before embarking on your trip to be well aware of what applies to your class of ticket. Do feel free to leave your comments below we’d love hear from you.

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